Comparative Politics
Name Academic Interests
Dr. Kwan Nok CHAN 陳君諾
Assistant Professor
Comparative politics, authoritarianism, comparative public policy, and institutional analysis
Dr. Chang SUN 孫昶
Assistant Professor
International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Chinese Economy
Dr. Mathew WONG 黃以恆
Assistant Professor
Comparative politics, income inequality, democracy, governance, Hong Kong politics
Dr. YAN Xiaojun 閻小駿
Associate Professor
Chinese politics, comparative political development, political regime, government reform, institutional innovation, authoritarianism, democratization, contentious politics and comparative historical study of reform and revolution.
Dr. ZHU Jiangnan 朱江南
Associate Professor
Coordinator of China Studies Major/Minor
Chinese Politics, Corruption and Government Integrity, Methodology
International Relations
Name Academic Interests
Dr. Wilfred CHOW 趙為民
Assistant Professor
International trade and dictatorships, authoritarian politics and interstate conflict, coup risk and food security, democratization and international institutions, and alliance politics.
Dr. Courtney FUNG 馮康雲
Assistant Professor
Chinese foreign policy, non-traditional security issues, intervention, peacekeeping, global governance
Professor Richard W. X. HU 胡偉星
Professor & Head of Department
MIPA Programme Director
Coordinator, Master of Global Public Policy
East Asian International relations, regionalism, international political economy, Chinese foreign policy, China-U.S. relations, and cross-Taiwan Strait relations.
Dr. Kai QUEK 郭全鎧
Assistant Professor
Causes and prevention of war, international politics of East Asia, global-level strategic interactions, local-level policy pathologies, experimental political science
Political Theory and Ethics
Name Academic Interests
Professor Joseph C. W. CHAN 陳祖為
BSocSc (Govt & Laws) Programme Director
Confucian political philosophy, contemporary liberalism and perfectionism, Aristotle, human rights, civil society.
Dr. Franz MANG 孟繁麟
Social and political philosophy, ethics, practical ethics, epistemology, moral psychology.
Associate Professor
Chairman of Departmental Research Postgraduate Committee
Contemporary western political philosophy and applied ethics, in particular: the ethics of violence (self-defense, war, terrorism, torture, assassination, punishment, etc.), global justice, political obligation, collective responsibility, egalitarianism vs. anti-egalitarianism
Public Administration
Name Academic Interests
Dr. Kwan Nok CHAN 陳君諾
Assistant Professor
Comparative politics, authoritarianism, comparative public policy, and institutional analysis
Dr. Peter T. Y. CHEUNG 張贊賢
Associate Professor
MPA Programme Director
Public policy; civic engagement; intergovernmental relations; the policy process in Hong Kong and Mainland China; relations between Hong Kong and Mainland China; cross-boundary cooperation between Hong Kong and south China
Dr. Jung Eun KIM 金廷恩
Assistant Professor
Policy Analysis, Climate Change and energy policy, international technology transfer and diffusion, international development
Professor Wai-Fung LAM 林維峯
Professor of Public Administration
Associate Dean (Innovation), Faculty of Social Sciences
Director, Policy for Sustainability Lab
Director, HKU-HKJC ExCEL3 Project
Director, Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)
Deputy Director, Center for Civil Society and Governance
Public policy analysis, institutional analysis, public management, common-pool resources management, self-governance
Professor Eliza W. Y. LEE 李詠怡
Civil society organizations, Civic engagement, Collaborative governance, the politics of social policy development
Dr. Helen K. H. LIU 劉康慧
Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Programme Director (BSocSc)
Interorganizational networks and nonprofit management
Assistant Professor
Energy policy, environmental policy, climate change adaptation, sustainable development
Dr. WANG Xiaoqi 王曉琦
Assistant Professor
Chinese politics, public governance and management, institutional analysis, coordination and collaboration, comparative public policy, and state-society relations
Dr. Wai-Hang YEE 余偉鏗
Assistant Professor
Public administration and management, institution theory, organization theory, regulatory governance, policy reform