Ongoing Research Project Principal Investigator Fund Source
China and the Responsibility to Protect: the Case of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Dr. Courtney FUNG 馮康雲 Seed Fund for Basic Research
Reconciling Status: China, Foreign-Imposed Regime Change and Intervention at the UN Security Council Dr. Courtney FUNG 馮康雲 RGC General Research Fund
Infrastructural Connectivity and Transformation of Borderlands between China and Mainland Southeast Asia (INFRACONNECT) Dr. Enze HAN 韓恩澤 Seed Fund for Basic Research
Explaining the role of ownership in building capacity: evidences from foreign aid in the energy sector Dr. Jung Eun KIM 金廷恩 Early Career Scheme
An Institutional Analysis of Information Processing in Public Policy in China: A Study of Policy Attention and Agenda in Limited Authoritarianism Professor Wai-Fung LAM 林維峯 RGC General Research Fund
China, Japan, and the Dynamics of De-escalation: Understanding and Managing the Political Costs of Backing Down Dr. Kai QUEK 郭全鎧 Early Career Scheme
Rationalist Causes of War Dr. Kai QUEK 郭全鎧 Seed Fund for Basic Research
Special Issues in the Ethics of War: Guerrillas, Warlords, Drones, Mercenaries, Preventive War, and Humanitarian Intervention Dr. Uwe STEINHOFF 石樂凡 RGC General Research Fund
Fighting the Gunpowder-less War: A Comparative Study of the Conceptualization and Practice of Cultural Security in China and Saudi Arabia Dr. YAN Xiaojun 閻小駿 RGC General Research Fund
How Does China Mobilise Support for the Regime Beyond the Boundary Mark: A Resource Mobilisation Perspective Dr. YAN Xiaojun 閻小駿 Seed Fund for Basic Research
The Implementation of “One Country Two Systems” in Hong Kong Dr. YAN Xiaojun 閻小駿 Strategic Public Policy Research Funding Scheme
updated on 5 December 2018