Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) &
Bachelor of Laws [BSocSc (GL) & LLB]

Programme Structure [BSS(GL)&LLB/ BSS(GL)]

Regulations and Syllabuses

Programmes Directors

PPA: Professor Joseph C. W. CHAN
Law: Dr. Eric C. IP

The Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) & Bachelor of Laws [BSocSc (GL) & LLB] programme, jointly offered by the Department of Politics and Public Administration and the Department of Law at The University of Hong Kong, has been on offer since 1999. The programme is designed to provide students with the necessary academic and professional training in the disciplines of government and law.

Why Government and Laws?

The Great Philosopher Aristotle called Politics the "master science", perhaps because it is a critical force shaping the community in which we live. With the change of sovereignty over Hong Kong , the development of the political system, and with an increasingly globalised world, a knowledge of Politics and Public Administration is perhaps more important than ever. Studying public and international affairs helps one to develop independent thinking and enhance analytical skills; increase awareness and understanding of public affairs; develop theoretically and practically informed knowledge and skills necessary for working in public/ private sectors.

The legal and constitutional system is closely associated with the political system. Law and politics are in many ways inter-related. By studying them together, students could apply inter-disciplinary approaches and multiple perspectives in understanding complex legal and political issues in Hong Kong and the worldat-large. Studying law not only enables students to pursue a career as solicitors or barristers, but also facilitate those who want to work in the public and private sectors, for substantial legal knowledge is highly valued by employers, mainly because of the reputable analytical and problem-solving skills possessed by legally educated persons.


The tuition fees for the first four years of studies will be the same as the standard fees for other undergraduate programmes (the figure for 2017-18 is HK$42,100 per year). For the optional year(s) of studies for the LLB, the tuition fees will be at a level higher than the standard fees.


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