Taught Postgraduate

M.Phil. and Ph.D. Thesis Titles

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)
CHUI Po Ling Organising for the Provision of Public Housing in Hong Kong: An Institutional Analysis of Public Organisations and Policy Design
CHOW Chiu Tak The Common good and the State: Explorations of Thomas Hill Green's Political Philosophy
FOK Wai Lun A Study of Chinese Negotiating Behaviour in the Sino-British Negotiations over Hong Kong
LAU Sze Fei, Sophia Government Professionals and Value Conflicts in the Civil Service: A Hong Kong Study
WAI Pong Wa Embedded Autonomy in the "East Asian Economic Miracle": The Case of Hong Kong with Special Reference to Banking, Textile and Garments, and Electronics Sectors
Ian Christopher Taylor The People's Republic of China's Anti-Hegemonic Posturing in the Post-Cultural Revolution era in southern Africa: "Repelling the tiger while chasing away the world"
NG Siu-ling, Giselle Accountability in Public Administration: The Case of Hong Kong
LAM Man On, Jack Exploitation and Luck in Capitalism: A Philosophical Analysis
Trond Inge Lovdal Norway's Relations with the Peoples Republic of China in a Bipolar World, 1949-1971
NG Kwan Wan, Winston The Study of International Regimes: A Theoretical Discussion
SIN Wai Lam, William The Limits of Utilitarianism on Prerogatives and Constraints
SZE Kit-yu, Veronica Local Government and Policy Implementation: A Study of Economic and Technological Development Zones in Guangzhou & Tianjin
Stephanie Himango The American Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong): An Analysis of a Dual Purpose Business and Political Organization
LUN Kit Ming, Kimmy The People's Republic of China (PRC) as a Nuclear Power in the Post-Cold War ERA: Strategic Intentions and Security Concerns
Kevin Ka-wing, May The Human Right to Welfare: A Philosophical Analysis
LAM Pui Yee A Study of the Policy on Rehabilitation in Hong Kong from the Perspective of 'Equal Opportunities'
WAN Ho In, Eric A study of the political participation of Hong Kong's labour movement leadership in the transitional period
LEUNG Chi Yan The politics of economic leap forward and readjustment: a case study of economic policy making in China, 1977-1980
LEE Fung Ping China and Indochina: the politics of aid, 1950-78
YEP Kin Man, Ray The economists and the making of foreign trade policy in the Peoples Republic of China since 1984
LEE Wing Tim The unity of particular and universal ends: Rousseau & Hegel in comparison
TSE Tak Wah, Sebastian The buffer state and the buffer system with reference to Afghanistan 1881-1947
KAM Lee Kwok Ping, Vivien The literary profession and domestic politics in the People's Republic of China 1950-1980
LI Suk Ying, Tammy Philosophical problems of the concept of rational decision-making in public administration literature
Linda Benson National minority policy in the sinkiang-uighur autonomous region, 1949-1974

Doctor of Philosophy
LEUNG Yin Hung State and Society: The Emergence and Marginalization of Political Parties in Hong Kong
Peter Lovelock The Evolution of China's National Information Infrastructure (NII): A Policy-making Analysis
Trini Wing-yue Leung The Politics of Labour Rebellions in China,1989-1994
Julian Garza China's Bilateral Relations with the United States as a Source of Political risk Associated with Foreign Portfolio Equity Investment in China
Johannes Richard Lombardo United States' Foreign Policy Towards the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong During the Early Cold War Period, 1945-1964
Teresa S. Encarnacion Non-Governmental Organization Approaches to Cooperative Development: Two Case Studies of the Philippine Experience
Raymond W.K. Lau The Socio-Political Impact of Economic Reforms and the Nature of the 1989 Mass Movement in Beijing
Gauld Robin D.C. Policy Processing in Theory and Practice: Health Reform in Hong Kong and New Zealand
LUI Kwok Man Construction and Testing of Causal Models in Voting Behaviour with Reference to Hong Kong
WONG Charm Li Government-Business Relations in Hong Kong, 1945-1993
YEUNG Law Koon Chui Intergroup Relationships and the Political Orientation of Chinese Youth
Kang Kwon, Myung Hee Economic Growth and Urban Poverty in Hong Kong and Seoul
Tubilewicz Czeslaw The Evolving Relations Between the People's Republic of China and East Central European: 'Strategic' Triangularism to 'Pragmatic' Bilateralism
CHAN Yuen Tak Fai, Dorothy A study of transport policy formulation in Hong Kong
Jose Oliveira de Barros Elites and democracy: the role of advisory committees in Hong Kong
LAM Tak Man, Jermain Nonalignment: the policy and the movement 1961-1986
H.J. Widdowson The influence of Islam on the formation of the foreign policy of Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia